PE and Sport Premium Expenditure at Catherine Infant School

What is the PE and Sport Premium?

The Government allocates funding to every school with an overall aim of developing or adding to what is already offered by the school and to further benefit pupils in future years.  Catherine Infant School have allocated the funds given in order to fulfil this aim in a way that serves the needs of the pupils at our school.


PE and Sport Premium EXPECTED Expenditure at Catherine Infant School 2017 (2) 


Sports Premium 2016 to 17.docx 


Planned expenditure 2015/16


Aims to develop provision already in place

Aims to improve provision for future years


Qualified Sports Coaches (curriculum PE)

Develop positive attitudes to physical activity, exercise and PE lessons.


Encourage more children to take up sports and physical activity.


Work with staff (6 weeks with each Teacher) to increase confidence and develop further competence in the teaching of Fundamental Movement Skills to be useful both now and in future years.  (This is not cover for PPA.)




Teacher feedback reported an increase in confidence and competence when teaching Fundamental Movement Skills.


Teachers in every class reported that children were highly motivated to participate and developed positive attitudes to physical activity, exercise and PE lessons, especially those who may not have previously been so keen to participate.  The number of children seeming to avoiding PE lessons was reduced to almost 0.


We will be continuing to use the same Qualified Sports Coaches in the next academic year to develop further confidence in a different curriculum area and in After School Clubs.

Big Moves Intervention Programme

Staff development (training of the programme and being able to identify children with possible Special Educational Needs.)


Implement an effective, ongoing intervention programme.



All staff were trained in the programme.  This included how to identify children suitable for the intervention, how to carry out the programme and how to assess the success of the intervention.


One member of staff ran the programme, supported by other staff members.  All participants made rapid progress.  Due to the success of the programme, we will be continuing to run the programme in future years.

Gymnastics Training (Hazel Colton)

Increase confidence and develop further competence in the teaching of Gymnastics to be useful both now and in future years. 



The highly-skilled trainer delivered essential subject specific skills and knowledge to the benefit of all teachers in a highly effective way, including teachers already reporting to be knowledgeable in the delivery of gymnastics lessons.  All staff reported that the session had improved their own knowledge and skills, would improve their own delivery/quality of teaching in gymnastics lessons and reminded them of essential safety aspects.

Resources for PE

Replacement of regularly used but worn/damaged light PE equipment (balls, quoits etc) and gymnastic equipment.



Equipment has been purchased to ensure smooth delivery and safe practice in PE lessons.


Further information about the PE and Sport Premium funding for schools can be found at: